About Saša Nikolič

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Saša is an software engineer with broad knowledge in the IT field and a big appetite for learning. He has experience with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and related web technologies, with additional knowledge of Java and SQL databases. In the past he has been working on with mobile applications - Android, Objective-C based iOS apps and also trying out Phone Gap for cross-platform development, other than having other electronics-related projects (Raspberry Pi, Arduino).

He is finishing his masters studies at UP Famnit - Slovenia and is constantly looking for new challenges. He has been a web developer for 3 years before joining MD Systems in Zurich, Switzerland (2015). During his 1-year internship, he developed many new personal and working skills. Developing new features for Drupal 8 contrib modules, maintaining the existing ones and contributing to Drupal 8 core and mentoring new students were his main contributions. His main focus was on the frontend development though, working with customers and building websites.