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After the accepted student proposals were announced on the Google Summer of Code 2016 site on the 22nd of April, the community bonding period started. The idea of this part is to get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on assigned projects.

Since I had university courses and lots of assignments, I found the time to check drupal.org frequently to see the issue progress. I already got to know the community from my internship, hence - the bonding was already established, I just needed remain in contact with it. We often had discussions with my mentor about tools to use, my project timeline, our meetings, things that needed to be done before I start, etc. I also connected with other GSoC students and made some friends amongst them. Together with mbovan, we shared many information about GSoC, our projects, timelines and experiences.


We made some conclusions about which tools to use:

  • PHPStorm

  • Typescript

  • Atom

  • Mattermost/Skype (for communication and meetings)

  • Colloquy (IRC)

  • Trello board (for tasks management)

  • Google docs for meeting notes


We scheduled our meetings every Tuesday at 15:30 (CEST).


I was mostly in discussion with edurenye. He made this sandbox, on which my code will be based - this is the backend part of the next step we want to do in TMGMT. Like I described in my previous post, we would like to implement an alternative to WYSYWIG editor. With different CKEditor libraries we want to provide some special linguistic actions, like defining specific segments and indicate their translation quality, give users alternative suggestions from translation memory, etc. The segmentation part is done by now, so I can start working on the frontend part - building the plugin for the CKEditor.

This week’s goals

For the first week I was planning to start with the first plugin for segments. The plan is to detect a segment without changing the source dom, indicate it and detect its context by displaying it in an area below the editor. Later on more functionalities will be added.

In the next topic I will describe what I learnt in the first week and the following steps. Stay tuned!

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