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Drupal intro

“Drupal™ - Build something amazing”. These are the initial words that are written on the landing page of Drupal, one of the leading open source content management systems currently available.

My personal contribution to Drupal 8 started in February, 2015. I did my internship in MD Systems in Zurich - Switzerland for one year and contributed to Drupal core and many other modules, I learnt a lot about Drupal in general, the community and the coding process. In the meantime many new ideas arised on how to make things better in the future, especially for many popular custom modules for Drupal 8, like Paragraphs and Translation Management. Together with Miro Dietiker, the CEO of MD Systems, we discussed a lot about the opportunities and agreed on what projects would be suitable for me. We decided to apply for Google Summer of Code, an initiative by Google to support 178 organizations by including students to write code and learn about the open source development. I really believe it is a great opportunity to spend the summer break between exams contributing to build something cool for the community and the end users. I would love to extend my project in the future and write a master thesis about it. Last, but not least, I find the idea to try and work remotely really intriguing, since I’ve always wanted to combine travelling and coding - two of my passions. Participants can gain a lot on their personal side too, since to finish the project successfully, you need to learn how to be organized, disciplined and stay motivated.

I feel really inspired by the initial words in the quote, that I am eagerly looking forward to start working on my project to build something really amazing!

GSoC topic

To apply for Google Summer of Code, every student had to write a proposal about the project they are building. Mine is based on the Translation Management module. This is a short abstract:

The Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) module is an extension to support editors, publishers, translators and project managers during their process of content translation. Since I think that Local Translator is a very useful submodule, there are still lots of things missing. The tool was working in Drupal 7, but it was rather limited in functionality and by far not fulfilling expectations of professional translators. I believe the next goal is to make the Local Translator a professional CAT Tool and I would like to help with implementing CKEditor plugins using Javascript. Because TMGMT wants to use the CKEditor libraries to build an alternative non-WYSIWYG translation editor, I would propose to implement some special linguistic actions like defining segments, marking them in the UI and masking specific HTML tags.

GSoC Proposal

You can read the whole GSoC proposal at this url.

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Saša Nikolič

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About Saša Nikolič

I'm a Front-End Drupal Developer for MD Systems working remotely. I have serious passion for UI effects, animations and creating intuitive, dynamic user experiences. I love structure and order and I also stand for quality.

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